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Dear Scientists and Delegates from Public or Private Sector,

You are cordially invited to join us at the “1st EURASIA BIOCHEMICAL APPROACHES & TECHNOLOGIES (EBAT) CONGRESS” which will be held from October 27 th to 30 th , 2018 at the Side Star Elegance Hotel, Side/Antalya.

The congress will focus on the topics containing biochemical approaches related with biochemistry and its many disciplines such as protein purification and technologies, industrial enzyme applications, molecular biochemistry, bioengineering, bionanotechnology, bioinformatics, biophysiscs, bioanalytics, biosorption, biochemistry of natural products, biomaterials and biological activity assignment.

Countless rich applications of industrial technologies can be already seen in the world, which are designed by taking biochemical approaches into consideration in many industrial fields such as food, drug, agriculture, dye, textile, cleaning and cosmetics. Therefore, the aim in this congress is to discuss the recent advances in approaches and applications about the topics based on biochemistry as well as the topics listed above including standard, well established methods and applications. In this context, the goal is to develop a natural, scientific environment for the discussion of biochemical approaches revealed in universities and other R&D departments and technologies that the industry wants to design based on these approaches. There will be various oral and poster presentations to facilitate the distribution of ideas, experiences and commercial expectations about the topics shared.

Besides a satisfying scientific program, we would also like to present you with an opportunity to experience the historical atmosphere of the Side antique city while you are attending the congress.

Once again thank you for your contributions and interest to our congress and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Side/Antalya from October 27 th to 30 th , 2018.

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Ahmet ÇOLAK
1st EBAT Congress Chair


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