Prof. Dr. Azmi TELEFONCU

Professor Telefoncu is a retired professor in Biochemistry. He was the head of Biochemistry Department of Ege University, where he established a research group specialized in biosensors. He holds a PhD. degree from Ege University (Turkey) and Free University of Berlin (Germany). He held visiting Professor at Muenster University, Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Braunschweig, Karlsruhe University, and University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany.

Professor Telefoncu’s research interests focus on enzyme- and DNA-based biosensors, recombinant DNA technology and enzyme engineering, and biomimicking. He published 86 papers in peer-reviewed international journals with more than 1400 citations. He wrote more than 20 books on biochemistry, biosensor, enzymology, biochemical and molecular biologic techniques, food chemistry and biotechnology. He organized several international meetings, including The 7th Workshop on Biosensors, International Enzyme Engineering Symposium ,The Workshop on Recent Advances in Applications of Bioinformatics and Biomics, The International Congress on Bioinformatics and Biomics, International Seminar on Lab on Chip Biosensor Systems, and about 20 national and international summer schools.

Professor Telefoncu is the founder and director of Biosensing and Bioinformatics Nanotechnologies Limited (SME) with a focus on developing biosensor systems for food safety, environmental protection and clinical diagnostics.