Rana Sanyal

Dr Rana Sanyal graduated from Bogazici University in 1994 with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. She continued her studies at Boston University on synthetic organic chemistry and received her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. After her PhD, she worked as a research scientist in Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, California, where she gained extensive experience in protein therapeutics. Since 2004, she is a faculty member at the Department of Chemistry at Bogazici University. Her current research interests include targeted drug delivery agents including ADCs for cancer chemotherapy and preparation of novel materials for biomedical applications (https://sanyalgroup.boun.edu.tr/). She has received L’Oréal Turkey for Women in Science, Novartis Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Drug Design and Turkish National Academy of Sciences Young Investigator awards. She is an inventor or co-inventor on 26 issued patents or pending applications. Since 2013, she is the director of the Center for Life Sciences and Technologies (https://lifesci.boun.edu.tr/), an international center of excellence, at Bogazici University. Rana Sanyal is also the co-founder and chief science officer of RS Research (http://rsresearch.net/), a pharmaceutical biotechnology start-up developing novel nanomedicines, established to enable preclinical research advance to the clinic. RS Research drug delivery platform provides targeted agents with improved efficacy and better safety profiles.